BUY HUNGARIAN FAKE PASSPORT. All Hungarian citizens are eligible to apply for the Passport.

Your fingerprints and picture are record on the spot when you apply to get a passport. Consequently, you’ll need to make an application in person, on any of our locations or on the Extramural Consular Day.

The typical processing time is between 5 and 6 weeks. If you do not have evidence of citizenship You must get proof of citizenship before applying for passport. The process takes about 8-10 months, however it could take longer.

Do not plan any travel plans (i.e. don’t purchase flight tickets) prior to the time your passport is handed over! We cannot guarantee that your passport will be handed over within the stated time frame.

What is the cost for an identity card?

There is information about the fee for passport applications (and and also fees for consular assistance (which (which is for certain situations) HERE.

It is important to note that in the event of passports are lost or damage the cost will be increase cost.

In the event of in-person applications, this fee is only payable via credit or debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover).

What do I need to establish my identity and BUY HUNGARIAN FAKE PASSPORT?

If you’re

  • a valid Hungarian passport or
  • a valid Hungarian ID card,

These two prove to be.

If you’re

  • A Hungarian passport that expired within one year ,
  • an authentic certificate of citizenship

These documents only verify your citizenship. Therefore as a final step, you must establish your identity by presenting an authentic photo ID from a foreign country (e.g. an US visa or driver’s licence). Details about how to demonstrate your Hungarian citizenship is available in this.

Do I need to bring my old BUY HUNGARIAN FAKE PASSPORT along with me?

If you’ve had a Hungarian passport in the past and it’s valid, you’ll need to present it. If it has been lost damage, stolen, or lost or damage, you must provide proof of this or inform the consul.

In this scenario, you’ll not receive the new passport until you have submitted or sent the old one.

Other documents I should include?

You’ll have to bring

  • your Hungarian address card
  • your Hungarian-issued birth certificate,
  • as well as your Hungarian-issued marriage certificate if you have the name of a couple.

If you possess an active Hungarian passport or ID card, or driver’s license , it’s not necessary to carry the vital statistics documents in your possession. In the case of an application from minors (under 18.) it is mandatory to present the birth certificate is mandatory.

If a process that affects you personally (e.g. the marriage registration process or a change of name in law) is in progress the passport won’t be issue until it is complete.