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Purchase Irish Passport Online. We are know for selling authentic Irish Passports as well as fake passports. In terms of our pricing, we make sure we offer prices that are low. Furthermore, we are aware that nobody could afford it, as there are many people who cannot afford it. Because of this alone, we keep our rates very affordable. Why why do we do this? It’s because we wish for all people to be able to pay for a passport at our store and go to the dream country. BUY A FAKE IRISH PASSPORT

What We Do What We Do Irish Passport for sale

We take our time to make authentic and fake passports. We will deliver these passports to addresses of our clients. The delivery date and timing will depend from the address of buyers. We can process fake and genuine passports. The difference between the genuine and fake passports is explaine in the same way as before.


Real passports IBuy Irish Passport Online

Our passports are saved in the system. Furthermore, they’ll be able to show their details in any system. In addition, we work with officials at the immigration offices who ensure that all of your personal information are saved in the system. When you arrive at the airport and your passport is in checked, all the details will be displayed in the system. The only difference in that it is only you and me are aware of the location of your passport. the real passport can have to be renewed at any time should expire.


The fake passports on contrary are not secure for use. The reason is that all details on the fake passport is not store in systems. Therefore, you should only use the fake passport solely to conceal your identity. Do not use them in any location where scans of computers are. Because if they pass a scrutinized, no information they contain will show up in the system. Therefore, you can use fake passports as camouflage and in public places on your own responsibility.


Passport Service has resumed the process in online forms to all types of passports. There could be delays with your application.

Post offices aren’t accepting Passport Express applications, and it is not possible to visit to the Passport Office in person. If you want you apply to get a new passport you must make use of the passport online application. Passport Express services will resume at the end of summer.

The phone lines are now available.

If you urgently require a passport for get a passport to travel (because due to the serious or death of a family member or you require urgent medical care in another country) You should get in touch with to the Passport Service through webchat.


Adults and children can also get passport cards. But, if you’re a kid (anyone who is younger than 18) is the only way to obtain a passport as part of the bundle when you purchase the standard passport book.

It is essential to have at least a legitimate Irish passport that is not schedule to expire within the next six months. The personal information you supply in the application for your passport must be the exact same as the information in the passport book. It is valid five years or until the passport book is due to expire, whichever is shorter.

If you intend to make use of your passport card while traveling, make sure you make use of your numbers on the card when you check in online.


If your passport card is lost or stole If your passport card is damage, lost or stole, you must fill out the appropriate part of your online form using the information you need when applying an application for a brand new passport.

If you do not want to apply for a new credit card, however, you should call to the Passport Service to let them know that your card was stole or lost.


The adult passport costs EUR35. If you’re applying from outside of Ireland There is an additional cost for delivery of EUR. Pay with the debit card as well as credit card.

Adult passport bundle, which comprises an annual passport book for 10 years and a five-year passport cards for those older than 18 years The price is EUR100.

The Child Passport bundle that comprises the 5-year passport book as well as a passport cards for children under 18years, cost EUR45. The delivery price of EUR5.

HOW to apply

It is possible to request a passport on the internet.

In order to complete the application, you must:

  • Your current passport book
  • Your photo (see the specific requirements at
  • A valid email address
  • A debit or credit card

Track your application

If you apply online and you will give a eleven-digit application code. You are able to follow the progress of your application through the department’s official website by using the number of your application.