How to ship counterfeit money without any problem: At Bills N Bills, we do our best to make sure that our undetectable counterfeit bills do not only reach our clients in time, but also in good condition.

After a client has placed his or her order and the payment is confirmed, we usually get in touch with the client withing a few hours just to confirm the client’s shipping address. After the address has been confirmed, we proceed to prepare the order.  This process mainly consists of the packaging and shipping. Our packages have two lays of  vacuum sealing. This is to protect it against the smell of money used it most airports. We double vacuum seal this counterfeit bills  and then we use a decoy package. Sometimes we ship in a sneaker box, phone cases etc, depending on the amount. But when it’s small, or less than 25k, we just ship in a regular envelope.  Once we’ve successfully shipped, we send the tracking information to our clients via email.

  At the end of this page, you can contact us if you need more information or just go ahead and place your order if you’re satisfied.


Counterfeit US dollar bills for sale